My background has spanned industries including hospitality management, journalism, and marketing in retail and packaged goods. My passion is for creating business relationships that leave a mark. I have a flair for building marketing campaigns that create a buzz, as well as a strong understanding of financials. This unique skill set combined with my resourceful leadership style has shown success in increasing sales and brand recognition.

I have taken a leadership role in managing teams ranging from four to one hundred and eighty staff resulting in the creation of a positive, productive, growth environment. I am detail oriented and bring a common sense approach to problem solving, forecasting and customer engagement. These qualities have given me the opportunity to lead many businesses in the GTA grossing five to twelve million in revenue. My style always brings an “out of the box” inspired approach to increasing overall business sales.

Experience in media includes reporting on some of the millenniums largest newsmakers (Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, Northeast blackout, 7/7 London bombings).